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Cronulla Commercial Site

The newly revamped Cronulla Ave project turned a neglected commercial building into an architecturally designed office space with a sophisticated presence. The brief was to create a modern, upmarket building whilst keeping the fundamental structure of the premise the same, so as to not over capitalise on the project (the aim being to create a valuable investment for the owner, creating a space with much higher leasing potential). The site that was originally purchased for $640k, now has a valuation of approximately $950k – $1.1m. The building was leased prior to renovations with a yield of approximately $35k p/a and had sat empty for over 12 months.

The renovations significally increased the potential of the building and the yield is now approximately $85k p/a. The site features charcoal Alucabond panelling that is ideal for signage and gives the building a strong impression. The wide street frontage is emphasised by floor to ceiling glass windows which stretch across the entirety of the building. The high gloss wooden floors soften the overall look whilst still maintaining the formal atmosphere, and the concrete feature tiles on the back wall are a real point of difference. The landscaping of the block was also designed by Ernest Living and adds to the presence of the building.