The Effect of Smell

1. No cooking or baking smells. Some sellers bake muffins the morning before an inspection to entice buyers and other sellers have just finished cooking curry for lunch or have a corned beef on the cook top when their open homes are booked in. It’s a nice thought to make the house seem more “homey” with smells of cooking, but not everyone has the same taste and most food smells can be overpowering.

2. Stay away from artificial plug-ins or air fresheners. These smells tend to make people think that you are trying to mask something (which is often the case when using these products).

3. No burning incense or other strong candle or oil smells. Buyers may be distracted and you definitely don’t want someone to have an allergic reaction to a scent that is burning throughout the house!

We do have a personal favourite scent that we take to our open homes that makes the home smell inviting, and not like a perfumery! We’re not telling you here though, you’ll have to list your home with us or come along to our next open home to find out what it is! Don’t overcomplicate inspections, you want the buyers to focus on the house and not the myriad of smells that could be in it.