Glam Your Pad

Preparing to sell your home? When you want to get maximum bang for your buck, you need to concentrate your efforts, and budget on any residential ‘nips and tucks’ before you go to market. Here’s our Top Five improvements to glam your pad for less than a grand.

The last thing you want to do when selling is overcapitalise on getting to market. How can you wisely invest a conservative sum that reaps tangible rewards? Nicholas recommends you splash your cash where the buyers will notice most – that’s street appeal, streamlined décor, doors and trims, lighting and green spaces.

“You don’t want to go over the top on any pre-sale renovations, or create a look that’s too unique or tailored to your personal taste,” says Nicholas. “Buyers want to imagine themselves immediately at home without having to do the hard yards as soon as they move in. Even renovators generally like to live in the property first, before making major structural changes. The more you can help buyers imagine a seamless move into your home, the more attractive the property becomes.”

Nic’s recommendations for adding some glam to your home for less than a grand!

First Appearances

Street appeal is a thing. If the garden has become a jungle – or the lawn is so barren it resembles the Sahara – your home will look uninviting, or too much like ‘hard work’ for drive-by viewings, before a potential buyer even gets through the front door. Clean. It. Out. A weekend in the yard cleaning, clearing, throwing out the old bikes, broken BBQ, dead pot plants that never quite took off (we know you have them hidden round the back) will reap rewards.

“We can get domestic blindness at home,” says Nic. “We don’t see the clutter because we’ve become so familiar with it. Or we think buyers will look past it, because they are concerned with the house itself.” Don’t fool yourself. Buyers are appraising your property from the minute they approach the fence. Make yours stand out – clean, clear and welcoming wins every time. And it’s free (BYO elbow grease).

Clean Lines

Clean out EVERYTHING. Buyers will open that cupboard where the Tupperware erupts like a volcano, spewing forth mismatched lids. They will look in your wardrobe, where the ghosts of Fashion Past and Present lie collecting dust. They will hit the garage roller door to check space for their cars and tools. Streamline as much as you can – not only does it make your place look bigger, clearing clutter helps buyers really see the benefits and features of your property and imagine themselves at home. Clear away the baby stuff, pack the toys into boxes, throw out what you don’t need, and if you’re really serious, pack away the gear you can live without into a POD while you’re on the market. It will save time when you need to move – and who knows, if you can live without it for a month or so, maybe you can just throw it out!

Doors and Trims

You can’t paint a house for $1000, but the doors and trims can definitely get a fresh face. Skirtings, door frames and the doors themselves take a beating in a home. Grab some paint and give your home a facelift. Just make sure you do as good a job as if you were planning to stay forever – a rush paint job with patches and drips is worse than not doing it at all!


Statement lighting can lift a lounge room or transform a bedroom from blah to luxe. And it doesn’t need to be expensive – Beacon Lighting, Domayne and Matt Blatt all do high-end looks for a mass-market price. Don’t go too edgy and ensure the look fits with your overall décor, and this little investment can make a big difference. And speaking of lighting, get your windows cleaned so the natural light streams in, and replace dated curtains with streamlined blinds – UV blinds lighten up darker rooms while providing privacy, and family buyers will love a home with black-out blinds already installed.

Green Spaces

After you’ve gone all Edward Scissorhands in the garden, strategic planting adds life, colour and natural beauty. Go for low-maintenance plants with lush leaves, glossy colour and quick maturation (which means you can save more by buying less advanced plants). Remember to feed and water them generously and nab a few plants to spruce up the indoors too – fiddle leaf palms are chic, monstera deliciosa provide tropical luxe and even a fishbowl vase of white lilies adds beauty to a dining table.