First Impressions

From time to time I get asked by my clients what they should do to their home prior to me selling their home. I am going to share with you my advice. It astounds me to this day, the number of times I witness buyer’s reactions to the simplest of oversights sellers fail to make good in properties prior to selling. To the point where I hear “the colour of the bedrooms is horrendous”.

As poor as my analogy might sound, imagine yourself in a similar situation: You have just purchased your movie tickets, (for a small fortune these days) you’re making your way to Cinema 1 (V-Max) only to arrive at your seat to find popcorn remnants from the last session reserving your seat. You have an instant disgust and this minor inconvenience can potentially ruin your experience, having you question whether or not to stay in your seat, let alone go back.

The reality in this situation, is that with a flick of the wrist a few times, (voila!) the seat is clean; I know it’s not your job but it would have left you with a different experience.

Now change the scale from a $25.00 movie ticket to possibly the biggest transaction someone is going to make in their life. (have I got your attention now).

There are many simple improvements you can do to your property to make a buyers experience a positive one, remember, you want a top price, whilst they want a beautiful property. And in this case, first impressions really do change a buyer’s perception of a property and what they think it is worth.

If this is the advice you would love from your property agent, please get in touch.