How to Add Colour to your Home

How to Add Colour to Your Home

Discover the tricks to adding chic splashes of color to your home like a pro.

Colour, it’s the perfect way to set a cheerful vibe in your home and inject some personality. While standout feature walls are great, not everyone is DIY savvy or has the luxury of making permanent changes to their homes (hello, renters!). So what can you do? Decorate! But before before you go crazy with colour, take a moment to consider these elements.

Mood: When it comes to choosing a colour for your home, you need to think beyond your favourite colour. Consider which shades put you in different mindsets and moods. Mint green is calming, while yellow can energise you so avoid too much of it in your bedroom. Light colours can make a room feel spacious and airy, while dark colours bring a sophisticated and warm feel.

Texture: Color isn’t just about hue either, you can also play around with texture and patterns. Patterns like stripes or ikat allow you to layer similar colors without your room looking dull and boring. To avoid going overboard choose three textures that work together but don’t necessarily match, and mix them for wow factor.

The 80/20 Rule: To keep your home looking chic, it’s essential that you create balance with color. Follow the 80/20 rule by mixing 20% bright, bold colors with 80% neutrals so that the use of colour in any room is never too overwhelming. The best approach is to opt for simple furniture that is timeless and versatile, and add splashes of colour through your decor items, like cushions, throws and candle votives.

Artwork: Hanging art from your walls not only add a person touch, but it’s also a simple yet impactful way to introduce colour into your interior. Stick to one wall with lots of artwork arranged together, or spread them out across two (maximum three) walls. On shelves and mantles, try resting artwork against the wall. This way you can easily re-arrange it without putting nails in the wall, plus you create focal points to different heights throughout the room.